5 Ways to Prevent Asthma Attacks

Asthma can be a complex disease to manage. The condition often occurs due to a mix of environmental and genetic conditions. There is no medically proven way to eliminate asthma altogether, but its occurrence can be prevented with constant assiduousness. While it may not be simple accomplish that, there are precautions you can take to potentially reduce the intensity of factors that exacerbate your asthma.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Pet dander is not good for you. Now we know a lot of you love your pets just like family and it’s impossible for you to let go off them. So instead, you need to make sure your pets are not allowed in the bedroom. In addition to that, make sure you clean and vacuum your furniture and carpets daily to get rid of any possible dander there.
  • Take care of the mold. Mold is a very common allergen. It can be found in indoor plants, in bathrooms, under the carpets, in the HVAC system, and a lot of other nooks and corners of your home – especially if you live in a humid place.
    • Get your HVAC system regularly cleaned (no excuses)
    • Get rid of the carpets if you can
    • Move out the indoor plants
    • Allow your bathrooms to properly dry
  • Preventive medication can actually help. A shot, an inhaler, a tablet, or liquid medication – whatever you’re comfortable with, take it! These medications make sure you chances of experiencing an asthma attack are minimized and help you get through the day without much difficulty.
  • Stick to the no-smoking zones. You know smoke is not good for you. So, it’s only fair that you steer away from places where people are smoking. At times it may not seem the courteous thing to do, but take a stand for your health on this one.
  • Check your cleaning products. There are a lot of cleaning supplies that we use on an everyday basis. Most of them emit chemical fumes that may be harmful for your health in addition to being possible allergens that trigger your asthma. Look for environmental friendly products that do not contain harsh chemicals.

Take care of these things and you’ll see a remarkable decline in the frequency of your asthma attacks. Also, remember to take the time and allow yourself to de-stress, because stress too can be a contributor to your asthma aggravation.