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As more and more people turn to the Internet to seek answers regarding specific medical conditions, the demand and urgency for credible information is higher than ever.  You are now part of a growing medical network that relies on accurate and up-to-date information to improve healthcare around the world.

In many cases, individuals do not have the resources to seek professional help, or simply prefer getting a recommendation before choosing their doctor. This makes social media an excellent platform for people with similar conditions or interests to interact, connect and discuss symptoms and treatment options, and find the right doctors who specialize in their area of interest.

Healthguv is a social media and social networking site designed by medical professionals to assist the global community with healthcare-related interests.Healthguv allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages, get the latest reviews and keep in touch with friends and other users from all over the world.

As a flexible and accommodating online network, we give you a chance to create your own profile, choose your health interests from A to Z, and receive medical posts based on your selection.

Designed as a social media networking site, Healthguv also lets you connect with people from around the world, you can even connect with medical professionals from around the world, share important research, record your medical journey and stay abreast with all the latest developments in healthcare.

Healthguv allows users to search for comprehensive and up to date prescription drugs, over the counter medicines, and natural medicines. Healthguv also provides detailed information about medical conditions, and diseases.

If you’re simply looking to expand your knowledge of health, fitness, or everyday lifestyle, you’re welcome here too! Make friends educate yourself by connecting with millions like yourself around the world. Register now!