About Healthguv

Here at Healthguv, we strive to provide worldwide consumer-driven healthcare through a delivery system of social media.

Our Vision

When the founder of HealthGuv noticed people asking questions regarding different aspects of healthcare, the idea of this special social networking site came to be. There were people who were suffering from severe medical negligence and because of that, were making the wrong choices. A new era in health care has taken place and, as a result, millions of people are seeking direction.

Solutions at the Click of a Button

The first reaction to any medical query is discussing about it, and that is exactly what this website is doing. Once you sign up, you have to select your peer to peer A to Z topic health interest. After this, you are in for some detailed and accurate medical posts based on the interests you pick. That may be the primary purpose of HealthGuv but it works it through as a social networking platform. Users get to sign up and make a profile, complete with a picture and a little bit of information about themselves. Through their profiles, people can not only read and respond to health blogs, but can also communicate with other members on the site too. All they have to do is click on a person’s profile and leave public comments, or submit friend requests in order to activate the private chat option. They can also post on other peoples’ profile wall through text, videos and photographs.

HealthGuv makes it possible for people all over the world to connect with others who have been through similar situations, and those with tons of solutions and advice for them.

The site allows people to share their earnest personal experience with a certain health care product or practice, which helps a lot when making a health care decision. Networking with a vast number of people assures you the quality and effectiveness of these things which you cannot really determine based on advertising and recommendations from one, or a couple of people. You can discuss anything here; from gaining more insight for choosing your doctor or a particular medical facility to choosing an insurance provider.

HealthGuv is designed as a flexible and an accommodating site for its users. There are other features here as well which enhance user experience. You can make the communication icon visible whenever you want which gives you a more private network of people to interact with. If you want, you may also choose to block connections you do not want to communicate with.

The profiles are meant to either boast, or share opinions on. Everyone has the option to choose a healthcare topic based on personal experiences, or those of someone who is close to them. Users can also specifically choose which parts of their profiles they are comfortable sharing with the public and which parts they only want a specific set of people to view.

HealthGuv is a social health-hub for users to interact with each other through chat and comments, and share photographs, videos and web links for news and other interesting content. Whether you wish to connect with your friends and/or family, or with only a single person, just sign up to access the interactive world of HealthGuv. If you have no health related interests, you can just click ‘general’ in the topic of interest and make new friends by connecting with millions of people.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and have fun!

How it Works

Healthguv can be used to connect users experiencing an unlimited number of situations to a wide variety of solutions.

About the Founders

Joseph Creadle MSN, BSN, RN, Certified Dementia Practitioner, founder and CEO.

Gabrielle Valom

Camille Valmon