3 New Discoveries in Medical Science

When it comes to inventions and research, the medical science industry is always one step ahead. This is because modern ways of living, lifestyle changes, and rise in environmental degradation and fall in food quality is giving rise to many new epidemics. Apart from that, age-old diseases still need the hope of an effective treatment for the sake of patients suffering forms them.


This is why medical researchers are always onto one discovery or another to make healthcare a more promising way out of disease and sickness. Experts in the medical realm have had to combat rising and falling statistical trends of terminal illnesses and raging epidemics. This is why their research is tailored to discover solutions that are fast, effective and pain-free.

Here are a few discoveries in medical science you’d be surprised to know.

A New Vaccine Cured Tumors in Mice

Anyone who has been working closely with or in the medical industry knows that cure is a magic that doesn’t exist. Be it mental health or physical wellbeing, it always exists on a spectrum. You can only get closest to the bright side but never be perfectly cured of all diseases. But this most recent breakthrough in the branch of cancer research has revealed that this potential cancer vaccine eliminated tumor in mice. Injecting two immune-stimulants directly into the solid tumor cured the animals off all traces of cancer and even untreated metastases.

A French Man with 2 Face Transplants

Jérôme Hamon, a French man of 43 was the first person to have 2 face transplants. The facial transplants were performed on him because he suffered from neurofibromatosis type 1: a genetic condition that causes contorted tumors to grow on the face. First performed in 2010, the body began rejecting his facial transplant 6 years later. Living for two months as a faceless person, Hamon was given a new face again in 2016. Thus this case has made the possibility of re-transplantation real.

An Injection for Migraines

Seemingly harmless, a migraine is capable of making a person dysfunctional for a full day or longer. Known to be transmitted genetically, this condition also has no cure and 39 million Americans suffer from this debilitating pain. But as per new research, a preventative treatment for migraines has been discovered. The way it works is that it blocks the activity of calcitonin gene-related peptide which is a molecule involved in triggering migraine attacks.

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