Police Violence towards Black People

Pandemics are the demonstrations of God to execute punishment on the unsuspecting population. Yet, that's not how the medical experts think about them. Pandemics have a political economy behind them. There are greater chances of disease spread in substandard living and working conditions. Now this stood for the 1918 flu pandemic and still true for coronavirus.

Those settings, social and political, additionally help clarify another pandemic. Like the coronavirus that, despite everything seethes, is slaughtering dark Americans. Beyond a shadow of a doubt: Police savagery is a general health issue.

It’s been three months since the corona outbreak in the United States. The information on racial differences in coronavirus affected and deaths are surprising. The numbers of black people affected and died are many times greater than that of whites. The racial difference in police savagery is close to as distinct. In a recent event in Minneapolis, the white cops killed George Floyd. Cops use power against blacks, many times more than against whites. Studies show that dark men in America in every 1,000 dark men will bite the dust because of the police.

History and Recent Events

In Ferguson, Missouri, a black man’s body lay inert hopelessly in the city for four hours after he was shot dead by a white official. Witnesses portrayed him holding his hands up in giving up or surrendering position before he was butchered.

In NY City, Eric Garner told a white official who set him in a restricted stranglehold that he was unable to inhale before he kicked the bucket. He rehashed the expression multiple times.

In Ohio, Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old kid, was sent to death by white officials while he was playing with a toy of firearm gun.

All of these terrible events of injustices with black men occurred within four months back in 2014.

In 2015 it would be Eric Harris, then Walter Scott, then Tony Robinson, and many more black men that were killed brutally are already faded from national memory are indicative of the crisis. In 2015, many black men like Walter Scott and Eric Harris shared the same horrible fate as other blacks. Yet, they are already fading from the national memory is indicative of the crisis.

The mother of Tamir Rice quoted, “When I see any of these murders, it’s like the government is throwing more salt on an open wound and I’m not having a chance to heal.”


In 2020, it is George Floyd, the 46-year-old adoring dad and firm network advocate. He was set in a knee-to-neck restriction for nine minutes by a white official in Minneapolis. He kicked the bucket in a similar metro region as Philando Castile. He rehashed the indistinguishable last requests from Eric Garner. The across the nation agitation that follows Floyd's demise is, without a doubt, more exceptional than in 2014; the initiative from the White House boundlessly progressively foolish, obtuse, and perilous. And yet, here the country is again.

Law Authorities’ Incompetency:

Floyds post-mortem suggested that he was coronavirus positive with no manifestations. Yet, it was not a factor in his death. The most shocking similarity of the two pandemics is the non-serious authorities' response. It contributes to the fact that the same minorities make up the dead and living. The government response could be different if these issues influenced the whites. People of dark complexion and color seems not to matter. This proves a philosophy that viciousness can be dainty the crowds of undesirable groups. Similar were the treatments of the cases of Tamir Rice and other blacks. That was killed. It also justifies why numbers of black prisoners are far greater than anyone. White officials are seen to be more relaxed and very judgmental of the cases of black people.

In a Nutshell

What clarifies the police brutality pandemic? A great part of the discussion comes down to whether it originates from officials' own bias. Both of these contentions recognize the auxiliary and institutional nature of bigotry. While explicit bias recommends, that police have a functioning hatred for different races. The implicit bias recommends that police trains see blackness as a threat. It drives them to use harsher power than they would in dealing with the whites.

To completely understand the conditions that offer ascent to horrifying conduct. For example, the murdering of George Floyd over a fake $20 bill. We need to better investigate the conditions. What allows the cops to treat individuals of different colors with absolute contempt?

There is no such law that allows police to do what they want and treat like they desire. According to the law, everyone can be held accountable to the jury, then why have a soft corner for white cops?