No More Excuses – A 30-Minute Full Body Workout at Home

Many women lag behind in exercising either because they have a very hectic and demanding lifestyle or because they are just too lazy! On most occasions, the latter is the most common cause of such a case. They find an excuse to put it off to a later time or another day. Know this: the more you excuse yourself from a regular workout, the more you are compromising on your health and fitness. We are not going to get any younger; so, its time you start strengthening your body from this point onwards. Here is full body workout that you can do every day which does not even take more than 30 minutes to do:

This 30minute workout is intense and one of the best calorie burners. It comprises of a total of 8 exercises. You should do as many reps of each exercise in 60 seconds as possible. However, keep in mind that you maintain the right posture when doing so. The whole cycle of 8 exercises makes one circuit and you should ideally do a total of 3 circuits every day, with a break in between each cycle.

Forward Lunge

Start with the forward lunge. In this exercise, the stress would fall on your thighs, back and feet. Make sure your posture is firm and straight.

Squat Jump

A squat Jump is almost similar to a forward lunge, except that your retreat to the standing position will be through a jump. The quick motions focus on strengthening your hips and leg joints.


We all are too familiar with this simple and old exercise which is really good for your shoulders, back and arms.

Bend and Thrust

This one is good for the belly and legs. Your lower body is more involved in a 60-second bend and thrust workout.

Plié Squats

With age, your legs will need a lot of strength, especially the knee joints. This exercise focuses on just that. The squatting position will ensure you have a more firm butt as well.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks involve your arms. The momentum of the body is helpful in burning calories and works as a good cardio exercise.

T Stabilization

T stabilization is an arm-and-core workout that gives strength through the technique of holding up the position while shifting. Make sure that your arms and legs are straight, especially the hand and feet alignment.

Seated Rotation

A seated rotation is a solid core workout with most of the focus on your lower back and some on the arms as well. It is also very good for a flatter belly.

While a regular workout routine is important, be careful about what you eat too as your diet makes a significant contribution to your health. You can’t expect working out to give you productive results if you don’t manage your diet.