3 People Who Have Proved that You Can Travel Without Luxuries

When you have a dream, you find ways to fulfill it, no matter what. Nothing can stand in your way if you have the determination to achieve it. People dream of travelling the world but often give up on it because of limited resources they have. But there are some amazing fellows who remained steadfast and believed they can do it despite not having much money to their name.

Vijayan from Kochi, India is one such person. He is 65-years old and owns a tea stall, the only source of his income. But the dream of travelling that he inherited from his father became his driving force. With a handful of income to spare for his travelling expenses, he has travelled not only across India, but also to 16 other countries of the world. To add the cherry to the cake, he has enjoyed all these amazing experiences along with his wife, Mohana, who has been his life partner and travelling companion for the past 40 years now.

Then there is this other inspirational couple who has travelled for 24 years; yes, 24 YEARS! Gunther Holtorf and his wife Christine have visited 215 countries during this time period, and that too in the same Mercedes that they started off with in 1990! Talk about travelling and relationship goals!

Most recently, another couple wisely used the 4-month break between their jobs to travel across 14 countries in an SUV that they used as their vehicle, kitchen, and shelter. They have visited the most unnoticed parts of these countries and have found treasures along their trip. From driving across salted landscapes to visiting tropical valleys, they have explored thetrue natural beauty of the world.

These people show us that it’s not important to have a huge sum of money and definitive luxuries to travel the world. All you need is a dream and the determination to realize it. Luxuries may give you a feeling of being taken care of, but the pleasure of travelling is absorbing what every moment and every place holds for you. So, if you really want to visit any place in the world, or even a far off region of your own country, pack your bags and just make a practical plan. You won’t miss the luxuries when you see what this adventure holds for you!