The Other Side of the Picture: Improving Relationship with Parents


We often see parent-child relationships from one dimension only; through the lens of parents’ obligation to strengthen the bond. But there are many questions which still remain unanswered. As children grow, they often wonder about the quality of their relationship with their parents and how can they improve it or make it healthy.

This is quite common in teenage years when the child has been pampered by parents and suddenly, find themselves in a different time zone. They have seen parents as the figures they can rely on but the changing dynamics of the relationship require different ways to vitalize the bond.

So, for the teenagers or young adults who are looking for answers in this dimension, here are a few tips that can help you improve things a bit:


We can’t stress enough on how important it is to communicate in any kind of relationship especially in a parent-child relationship. Instead of just assuming that your parents can figure out the problem or any matter since they are grownups, talk to them and convey your perspective and opinion. When you put your concerns in words, there is a concrete problem that can be addressed; otherwise, the situation will be nothing better than having an elephant in the room that no one talks about.

Be an Adult

As you grow older, you will eventually learn to do things more responsibly and handle matters in a more mature manner. Trying to accept this change will be your stepping stone to become an adult in the eyes of your parents. This will grant you a lot of power and will help you shape your relationship.

Try to Get Out of Your Shell

Learning to be confident and making decisions for yourself take you out of your childish phase and grants you the ability to take charge of your life. When your parents see you growing in a positive way, they will feel more comfortable to be open to you as well.

For instance, don’t rely too much on your parents’ opinion to make a call about something that is of your interest. Seeking their advice on important matters is always a good decision, but don’t seek advice unless you really want it. Learn to change and take responsibility on your own shoulders.