4 Signs That Reveal Your Partner Is Cheating on You

Let’s be realistic – cheating will always remain a heated topic for lovebirds. Why so? Because almost everyone, at one point or another:

  • Found themselves guilty of cheating
  • Had a temptation to cheat
  • Had a suspicion that they were being cheated on
  • Simply been cheated on

Firstly, let’s clear our definitions of cheating. Cheating essentially requires “an action”. Just because your partner seems to be attracted to someone else doesn’t mean they are cheating. Of course, if the two of you are in a sexual relationship and he/she is secretly pursuing another love interest that obviously qualifies as cheating.

Simply put, cheating is never acceptable.

Now, let’s have a look at some common signs that explain you are no longer your partner’s “one and only”.

1.    Profound Interest

Your partner begins taking a brand-new interest in their appearance – and none of it is for you. It could be anything; a sexy change in their wardrobe, a new hairstyle, more time at the gym or the tanning salon. This is a clear sign that all the goods of these activities might be on display for someone else. So beware!

2.    Lying

This is the most common sign of unfaithfulness. Your partner begins spending significant time away from you and once you try to confront them about it, they come up with all sorts of stories. They will also begin giving evasive answers to the simplest of inquiries. If he or she is also seemingly sensitive or defensive about your requests for more information about where they were, it’s another clear sign.

3.    Secrecy

All that lying will lead to definite secrecy. This will become so obvious that you will begin feeling closed out to some aspects of your significant other’s life. You will begin wondering as to what is lying behind all those areas that your partner is cordoning off to you. It’s suggested that you follow your intuition and confront them about such matters.

4.    Lack of Physical Intimacy

Lack of physical intimacy between you and your partner is perhaps the biggest sign that he or she is cheating on you. This will likely be due to a decreasing interest in physical matters of your relationship. Although, it’s also recommended that you keep other factors in mind, such as a flagging libido, health issues, sleep deprivation, stress, or disturbed hormonal cycles. If you’ve ruled out all alternatives and the lack of physical intimacy still persists, it’s a sure sign.

At the end, it’s necessary that you consider being up front about the matter with your partner. It goes without saying that in case you fear your lover is cheating on you, there is no better way to go about it other than directly communicating with them regarding the matter. Once the clues start piling up, you shouldn’t be afraid to make all the hard inquiries. And if it’s true, be prepared to get some straight answers in return.