How You See Yourself Matters A Lot

Perceptions make a lot of difference. How you look at something; a picture, a person, a place, and even yourself, can make a huge difference on how you interpret and deal with everything related to the object of concern.

Talking about self image, it is a complete game changer. What you believe about yourself and how you see yourself has an impact on everything you do in your life. From making life choices to dealing with everyday matters, your strategies, priorities, and goals, they all depend on your self-perceptions.

For instance, if you see yourself as a fighter; a strong person who is resilient and combative, you would not give up so easily in tough times. Similarly, if you believe yourself to be weak and incapable of making smart choices, you would not struggle much against the challenges that you come across.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your permission”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt


This is something that can change your entire outlook on life. People only have power over you if you give them. If you let anyone make you feel any less, this sanction is passed by you. You must take charge of yourself and make a conscious decision about what matters to you and what does not, what affects you and what simply holds no value for you; play an active role in your life.

How you see yourself also determines your potentials, abilities, and what you achieve in life. The length of the life race that you run through depends entirely upon how far you see yourself going. If you think you are too weak to reach the finish line successfully, you would not be able to make it to the end as a victor. But if you believe yourself to have what it takes to be a fighter, struggler, and resilient competitor, you will never give up half way.

Having positive, strong, and realistically high self perceptions do not mean that you will fail; you might. But those failures would not take the best of you.

When you look in the mirror, it is your choice to see yourself as a cat or a lion. But remember that this choice will determine how you come forward. You can even learn to be both, but have the wisdom to know which foot to step forward.