The 4 Elements of a Healthy Relationship

The 4 Elements of a Healthy RelationshipYou probably come across a number of posts on the internet that are all about relationship advices and how you can possibly make your relationship work and last longer. Communication, understanding, and good sex top the list for most, but there is a lot more than just that to a relationship. We are listing down the elements that according to us can be just what you need to lay down a strong foundation for your relationship.

Let’s check them out:

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Insecurity can cause major damage to a relationship. Hence, it is extremely important to be comfortable with who you are as an individual. Stop comparing yourself to others around you. Be confident and learn to love yourself. Invest time in building up your self-esteem, which in turn will allow you to constructively respond to your relationship situation.

Look for Common Grounds

You and your partner have to have something that you both enjoy doing. It may be cycling around the cycling in the city, climbing a mountain, or surfing those waves – it doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as you both share the experience of doing it together. “Together” is the keyword here. When you share and practice your common interests together, you create a bond that is much stronger than just being physically attracted to each other.

Quality Time

You could be spending less than 5 hours together every day and still be happier than couple who spend a lot more than that with each other. So what makes your 5 hours together better than theirs? It’s the quality. You need to make sure that when you’re with your partner, it’s just you and them. O put away your smart phones, you can deal with the work emails later, and everything else can wait. Focus on being together. Talk, cook, laugh, share, love – make every moment you spend together count.   

Take Time Off

As important as it is to make sure you spend quality time together, the fact that you both need time away from each other is tantamount to it. While spending time together helps you both grow as a couple, having time for yourself helps you grow as an individual. Give each other space. Let your partners breathe. You both have lives other than each other and it is important for you and your relationship’s well-being that you live moments away from each other, to value the bond you share.

A relationship is like a plant. You need to nurture and take care of it every day to help it grow from a tiny fragile sapling into a sturdy fruitful tree. Are you ready to make your plant grow?