4 Healthy Smoothies for that Flat Belly

4 Healthy Smoothies for that Flat BellyDo you want to slim down?

If the answer to that is YES, stop spending money on the fad diets and invest in healthy ingredients that can help you brew up these fantastic fat fighting smoothies. Hey are simple to make and taste great. Plus they will save you a ton of money too!

Here are 4 smoothies you can try at home:

The Banana Cream Pie

Hold your excitement. This is no pie. In fact it is a smoothie that tastes like the banana cream pie. Replace those cakes and donuts you regularly consume with this healthy, refreshing drink and see the difference!

The Ingredients

  • Frozen banana                                  ½ large
  • Greek yogurt                                     ½ cup
  • Honey                                                   1 tablespoon
  • Vanilla extract                                   ¼ teaspoon
  • Unsweetened milk                         3 tablespoons
  • Graham crackers                              for garnish
  • Ice cubes                                             a handful


  • Combine the ingredient excluding Graham crackers in a blender and process them to a smooth consistency.
  • Add a sprinkle of graham crackers on top when serving.

The Strawberry Greek

Greek yogurt is has natural fat-busting properties. This recipe contains half a cup of Greek yogurt that can help you burn calories and shed extra ponds quickly.

The Ingredients

  • Frozen banana                                  1 medium
  • Frozen strawberries                       ¾ cup
  • Greek yogurt                                     ½ cup
  • Almond milk                                       ½ cup


  • Blend all the ingredients together.
  • Pour it out when smooth.


The Berry Pomegranate Smoothie

Pomegranates are rich in fiber that helps you feel full for a longer time. Also, this fruit has proven great for reducing the cholesterol levels and melting away arterial plaque.

The Ingredients

  • Frozen berries (your choice)                       1½ cups
  • Pomegranate juice (sugar-free)                                1 cup
  • Pomegranate                                                    1
  • Whey protein powder                                   2 tablespoons
  • Honey                                                                   1 tablespoon
  • Banana (optional)                                            ½


  • In a blender, combine all ingredients and blend until smooth.
  • Serve

The Peachy Shake

This recipe uses coconut oil, which is a rich source of healthy fatty acids. These fatty acids speed up the metabolism and burn down more calories. 

The Ingredients

  • Hemp seed or almond milk                          1 cup
  • Frozen or fresh peaches                                               1 cup
  • Frozen banana                                                  ½
  • Pineapple juice                                                 ½ cup
  • Coconut oil                                                         1 teaspoon


  • Combine all ingredients in the blender and blend them into smooth consistency.
  • Serve.

Get your metabolisms kicking with these healthy, nutritious fat-blasting smoothies that will help you shed those extra pounds without starving and/or compromising on the deliciousness. Once you try these out. Do let us know which one’s your favorite!