Toxic Relationships: Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Walk Away

A broken relationship is probably one of the few things most of us feel vulnerable to. The aftermath of calling off a relationship is nothing less than a nightmare for many, but there’s one thing that’s even worse – a toxic relationship!

These relationships weigh you down, make you feel sorry for yourself, push you into depression, and at times even make you question your sanity. It is these relationships one needs to walk out of. So how do you identify a relationship like that?

Look for the following signs:

You Don’t Prioritize Each Other

How involved are you in each other’s lives? Do you or your partner find time to spend with each other? Do you still make the small gestures of love the way you used to in the beginning? There are a number of things that will let you know where you stand in the relationship for your partner and vice versa – if there are things that are more important to them than you – walk away!

You Bring Out the Worst in Each Other

You don’t feel comfortable around them anymore. You feel like you’re a different person when they’re around. Everything about them annoys, irritates, or saddens you. You feel suffocated and all this is making you a different person – so much so that people closest to you (friends and family and sometimes colleagues) have also started noticing the difference.  

You’ve Been Putting up with Disrespectful Behavior

Physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse – anything that leads to one or all of these abuses is downright disrespectful. You don’t deserve to be treated like that just because you have loved the person who’s doing this to you now. Do not let anyone treat you disrespectfully – not even your spouse/partner. Take a stand and walk out.

The Effort is Just Too Much

Back when things were nice and simple, it took you no time to be up for a date night, cook a romantic meal for your partner, plan a surprise party for them, or help them pack for their business trip. However, lately, you’ve been finding it difficult to pull it all together. Your heart is not in it and even the smallest things seem like an effort too big. Don’t do it half-heartedly, you’re either in it or not – and if you’re not – it’s better to pull the plug!

Not all relationships are meant to work and it is better to leave the one that you don’t see a future in. Be wise, be strong – take a step and walk out.