Bet You Didn’t Know This About Lung Cancer

What is Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is a medical condition that occurs due to an uncontrolled growth of anomalous cells in your lungs – one or both. Contrary to the normal lung cells, these abnormal cells don’t develop into normal lung tissue. Instead, they grow and accumulate into tumors. These tumors interrupt the normal lung function that leads to a suppressed supply of oxygen to the rest of the body.

Surprising Facts About Lung Cancer

  • Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer related death in both American men and women.
  • In America, 1 in 14 men and 1 in 17 women are at risk of developing lung cancer. Needless to say, the prevalence of this disease is more common in men.
  • Excluding skin cancer, lung cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in America.
  • The American Cancer Society predicts there will be almost 222,500 new cases of lung cancer diagnosis in 2017 – 105,510 women and 116,990 men.
  • According to the American Cancer Society, there will be an estimated 155,870 deaths caused by lung cancer in the US this year. Out of these, 71,280 will be women and 84,590 will be men.
  • There are less than 2% cases of lung cancer reported in people below the age of 45.
  • 90% of the reported lung cancer cases are caused by excessive smoking or exposure to smoke – this shouldn’t be a surprise now!
  • The African American men and women are more vulnerable to lung cancer.
  • According to a source, there are almost 400,000 Americans currently living with a lung cancer condition.
  • The elderly have it worse. Almost 81% of the people suffering from lung cancer are those above the age of 60.
  • Almost 2 in every 3 people aged 65 or above are diagnosed with lung cancer.  
  • Lung cancer makes up for almost 14% of all new lung cancer diagnoses.
  • Lung cancer has a survival rate of just 17%. This figure is drastically low compared to the 90% survival rate of breast cancer and a nearly 100% survival rate of colon cancer.
  • Well, we hate ending our post on a sad note. So, here’s the good news: Lung cancer is NOT your ultimate death sentence! Thankfully, technological advances and medical science breakthroughs have made it possible to detect lung cancer at an early stage. Once that is done, there are a number of advanced treatment options that can help you defeat the condition and live longer.
  • There have been reported 350,000 lung cancer survivors to date – there is always hope!

Lung cancer may be the leading cause of death in the country, but timely medical care can keep the condition from worsening. Lung cancer has three basic types:

  • Non-small cell lung cancer
  • Small cell lung cancer
  • Lung carcinoid tumor

The treatment plans for each vary according to the condition. If you suspect you or someone you know has lung cancer, consult an oncologist as soon as you can to get the correct information and treatment.