5 Things People Who've Achieved Work-Life Balance Will Tell You


Did you know that more that over two-thirds of the American working population struggles with work and non-work conflicts. Finding a work-life balance is getting trickier for professionals all around the world, and yet, we find individuals who have managed to pave their way to living rewarding, meaningful lives with the perfect work-life harmony.

And here’s how they do it:

1.  They give time to planning for what they want

Opportunity today does not actually knock on your door, you have got to go out and look for it. People who balance work and life make choices deliberately, talk about their circumstances with their family, friends, bosses and coworkers, draw plans and commit to them.

2.  They don’t give leftover time to personal life

Most people who complain about not having a work-life balance are spending less time on themselves and with their friends and family, which is often by the lack of design.

If you want to go spend the weekend away at the family retreat, make it to your friend’s birthday, or just have a rejuvenating spa day, you need plan ahead to make time for these occasions. Don’t just assume that you’ll make it there, and then go about your regular work routine.

3.  They turn off distractions when it’s time to work

Was there ever a day when you planned to getting off work early, and then had to work past the estimated off time? Did you maybe get busy listening to a coworker rant about their relationship issues or watched one too many YouTube videos in between? There’s your answer to why you got delayed.

If you want to maintain a work-life balance, turn away from distractions at work.

4.They know when to say “No

People pleasers, or those with under pressure from top management, often find themselves struggling with less personal time because they don’t know how to turn down extra work.

So you may disappoint your boss or have an awkward encounter with a coworker who always has something coming up that has them leaving early and leaving you with extra work. It doesn’t matter if it’s a matter of your health and happiness.


5.And finally, they have timeframes for the sacrifices they make

It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to work overtime towards the beginning of their venture, and then slow down to normal work limits once the business is running smoothly. Success requires sacrifices, but sacrifices should have end-dates.

If you want to achieve a work-life balance, plan ahead and define a reasonable milestone, work hard for what you are passionate about, and to stop spending that extra time and energy once you reach your milestone.

Remember, you cannot work well if work is all you do, and that balance is not just about time, but boundaries too.

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