How To Do Right Healthcare Marketing To Senior Citizens

Senior citizens—they’re not overlooked when healthcare marketers plan new campaigns, but their needs and preferences may often go unnoticed.

With the rise of life expectancy and gradual migration of baby boomers into this demographic, the senior citizen population is predicted to become significantly important for healthcare providers in the coming years.

In U.S. alone, people over 65 are expected to make up more than 20% of the total population, as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau.

That said, there’s no space for misconceptions regarding senior healthcare needs.

Here are a few helpful tips to approach healthcare marketing to seniors…the right way.

1. Do NOT ignore digital marketing

It’s a popular misunderstanding that the elderly are averse to technology. Surveys show that approximately 40% of seniors use social media channels. And while they may be not as tech-savvy as the younger family members, many are willing and able to understand basic technology.

A smart approach to marketing healthcare online to seniors is to mix it with digital marketing. For instance, you can advertise digital offers on TV ads and newspapers, and encourage seniors to add to your online engagement efforts.

2. Make things more accessible

There are elements of technologies that younger audiences have no problem embracing, but the seniors have trouble navigating. Age-related eyesight, hearing and listening impairments can often render the seniors unable to understand flashy websites, or videos with voice-only or text-only instructions.


The key to successfully marketing healthcare to seniors is keeping things simple. Large dark fonts over lighter backgrounds, good sound and image quality, clear call-to-actions and menus—all of these can make their online experience easy and enjoyable.

3. Encourage doctor/hospital visits

The information you give matters. Seniors, like millennials, are inclined to stay out of the doctor’s office, though their reasons are not lack of time and patience, but the need to keep the “good times” alive and bad news away.

Considering that fact that the right medical care is exactly what usually helps improve life span, provide seniors with the knowledge they need to get proactive regarding personal health. Go beyond advice and aid on treating ailments, and provide information on preventative care by adopting a healthy lifestyle and not shying away from doctors’ visits.   

Bottom line: don’t let stereotypes and lack of information keep you from practicing effective healthcare social media marketing for seniors.

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