Tips for Healthier Nails

Nails aren’t just an appendage meant to look pretty. They can reveal much about a person’s inner health. The ridges, ripples, and bumps on the nails can tell you which diseases you’re suffering from. But does everyone who has bad nails suffer from an internal disease?

Or do people just have bad nails because they’re not following basic health guidelines? Healthy, beautiful nails aren’t a question of extravagant expenses or a lot of wasted time. It’s all in the care and consistency that the secret lies.

This blog discusses useful tips to help you maintain perfectly healthy, glistening nails.

A Good Diet—or Good Supplements

Usually a balanced, well-supplemented diet is quite enough for strong nails. However, if you feel like your diet is lacking or if you have poor nails you can opt for additional supplements. A water-soluble B vitamin, biotin helps strengthen and grow nails. People who aren’t born with strong nails can benefit from biotin supplements.

Take Breaks from Polishing