Why Fitness Is A Lifestyle Not A Ritual

Fitness has turned into something that only the elite talk about to become socially acceptable.  It has become synonymous to going to the gym, hiring a fitness trainer or eating a restricted eating plan for specific durations.

These approaches might get you quick results, but they fail in the long-term. Studies show how these infrequent rituals ultimately hurt your health and fitness goals.

Fitness should be sought-after as a way of life instead of occasionally working out which you admittedly sometimes skip. Here are ways in which you can incorporate fitness as a lifestyle choice.


1.Healthier and yummier food alternatives

Don’t make food your enemy. Starving yourself before an important event just so you can fit better into your clothes does more harm than good because you might end up binge eating the next day.

Befriending food will lead you to a happier mindset and a fit body down the line.  

Start small. Cut down the amount of sugar in your coffee. Opt for cold pressed juices full of natural sugar which is just what your body needs. Balance your diet with greens, proteins and carbs equally. Look for recipes online that incorporate multiple food groups at a time. Make these choices a part of your way of living and you will never again get stressed out after hearing the word “fitness”.

2.Stay active

An active lifestyle automatically leads to a healthy mind and body. Occasional gym and SoulCycle sessions will not last you your fit body.

Studies show how you can reap long-lasting benefits by incorporating small bursts of exercises throughout the day like squeezing in short walks, getting up earlier and walking to your close by destinations.

Fitness as a lifestyle is all about choosing what you enjoy and committing to it without having to pressure yourself into it.

3.Focus on fitness of the mind

Fitness is of the mind and body combined. Benefit from an overall happy life by focusing on boosting your brain function. Exercise releases endorphins creating feelings of euphoria and happiness. Spend time outdoors and take in a breath of fresh air. Exercise your brain with the Sunday crossword and trivia.

Following these small steps toward accepting fitness as a lifestyle will be far more effective because it doesn’t depend on whether or not you have free time, the availability of your trainer or the gym facility’s opening hours.

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