Managing Your Blood Sugar Levels in 3 Simple Ways

People who have diabetes need to maintain their blood sugar levels to keep their condition in check. High blood sugar is also known as hyperglycemia and can be a cause for concern to people with diabetes with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It is a widespread condition impacting approximately 1.25 million American children and adults who have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Out of the entire adult population with diabetes, 7.2 million of them remain undiagnosed. Still, there are 1.5 million Americans who are diagnosed with diabetes every day.


High blood sugar is a consequence of the body’s inability to transfer sugar in the blood to the cells. If it persists for too long, diabetes can occur. People with diabetes need to alter their lifestyle to manage their blood sugar levels effectively.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate healthier habits into your lifestyle.

Eat fewer carbs

Since sugar comes primarily from the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose and other sugars, eating too many foods with many carbohydrates can be a problem. Insufficient supply of the hormone insulin in the blood delays this process even more. Your blood glucose levels instantly shoot up if you don’t keep track of carb intake. Studies have shown that planning meals throughout can help you be more mindful of what you are eating.  

Eat more fiber

You need to monitor your diet more vigilantly and be more aware of the nutritional value of your food. Fiber is an important food group that can help you slow down the rate at which the blood absorbs sugar. It also delays the digestion of carbs. Make sure that you eat more soluble fiber which is found in various fruits, vegetables, whole grains like oats and legumes as well. Consult a nutritionist to help you make a meal plan, which includes the recommended amount of fiber in it.

Create an exercise regime

Taking up an activity that exercises the muscles in your body also helps to increase the insulin levels in your body. With more elevated insulin sensitivity, your body can use the sugar in your blood more efficiently.

Pick a form of exercise that you enjoy doing, for example, swimming, running, yoga, lifting weights, aerobics, and gymnastics. If you want to get your body used to a regular exercise regime, choose an activity that you like and will be easier to stay committed to as well.

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